In an email

Your images should be a minimum of 640px wide and a maximum of 1200px wide. If your images are wider than 1200px, they will automatically scale down to fit correctly as Intercom’s email templates are responsive.

Here is how an image will appear when you add it to an email note in Engage:

If the image width is narrower than 640px wide, they won’t automatically stretch to fit, and may look blurry. There are no height restrictions, but bear in mind how the image will best appear to your users in an email.

In conversations and in-app messages

When sharing images in conversations, notes and chat in-app messages, your images should be at least 262px wide if you'd like them to take up the full width of the message. For posts your images should be wider than 498px. Here is how an image will appear in a note:

Keep in mind that the maximum file size for uploading files to Intercom is 40MB.

Read more about how to compose a message in Intercom.

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