You have likely been directed here because your workspace is currently awaiting email approval from the Intercom team. This is a standard process we do for all senders using our Messages product. For most senders, the review process is completed in less than one working day.

What do we look for? 

We want to make sure that all messages sent on the Intercom platform follow our email sending guidelines.

  • We review your recent messages to check that email is only sent to users who have given permission.
  • We check the open, bounce and spam complaint rates of your recent messages. A healthy sender has bounce rates between 0 and 3% and spam complaint rates of approximately 0.02%. If we see poor performance here, your workspace may get flagged for review.
  • We observe the domains used with the Intercom javascript snippet to see if they load and that your messages are related to it in some way. 
  • We look at the email addresses for your teammates. We don't approve apps where admins are using disposable email addresses (Mailinator etc). Apps with personal email addresses (Gmail, AOL etc) may also be flagged for lack of available information.

If you think there has been a mistake with the email approval process for your workspace, please get in touch with the team on the Intercom Messenger below.

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