Announcing even more ways to support your customers: Here’s what’s new at Intercom

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and businesses are struggling to keep up with the changing landscape of customer support.

At Intercom, we’re committed to building a product that enables businesses to offer a world-class, personalized customer experience. As the world of customer support evolves, our product evolves alongside it. 

Today at New at Intercom, our fall product launch event, we unveiled a host of exciting new products and features to help you and your team to build deeper, stronger relationships with your customers. Here, we’re diving into the releases that will take your support offering to the next level. 

Introducing … tickets!

That’s right, we’ve launched our ticketing system – the only messenger-first, native customer experience for both live and asynchronous support. With tickets, every customer need can be received, processed, and resolved by your team, entirely within Intercom. 

“Tickets makes it easier for your team to provide efficient, personal support while maintaining a manageable workload”

That means all the Intercom features you know and love can be used alongside tickets: convert a live chat to a ticket, create a bot that allows end users to submit a ticket, and collaborate with other teams to resolve a customer issue. 

Deliver the best end-to-end customer experience right from your product, app, or website. And it’s not just customers who’ll see the benefit, tickets makes it easier for your team to provide efficient, personal support while maintaining a manageable workload. 

Here’s how tickets will change the way your team supports your customers:

Reduce your team’s costs

With tickets, you can support your customers from beginning to end, all within the Intercom Messenger. Consolidate your tools and streamline your support tech stack to deliver fast, personalized support from a single platform.

Improve efficiency and response times 

Tickets open up countless opportunities for collaboration within Intercom. Teams save time as they work together, swap customer details, and build a seamless customer experience within Intercom. 

“Offer your customers more transparency into the status of their requests”

Improve customer satisfaction

Offer your customers more transparency into the status of their requests. Set realistic expectations, give them updates they can trust, and watch your CSAT increase.

Allow your customers to self-serve

Why not automate the process and save your customers – and your team – some time? Create a bot to allow customers to submit a ticket, or offer up an article to answer a frequently asked question.

The next generation of the Intercom Messenger

We’re delighted to present our sleekest, most powerful Messenger yet. Intercom’s next-generation Messenger is the only fully customizable messenger that you can truly make your own – both for your team and your customers throughout their journey. With a modern and flexible no-code design, you can support and engage customers with speed, ease and versatility.

Create meaningful in-context opportunities for customers to get support as well as engage with your brand and content directly in the Messenger. 

[Read more about how our new Messenger can multiply your customer engagement opportunities and success.]

So, how can Intercom’s next-generation Messenger amp up your support offering?

Enhanced customer experience

Address your customers’ individual needs directly in the Messenger as they move through their customer journey and seek personalized support. With a fully customizable Messenger, you can choose your desired Messenger style, relevant Messenger spaces, and showcase personalized content to provide ongoing engagement.

“Help customers self-serve easier and faster with a more intuitive support experience”

Deal with any query efficiently and effectively

Let customers submit both simple and complex queries directly in the Messenger, instead of having to jump between different channels. With the addition of tickets to Intercom, every customer need can begin in the messenger and can be resolved by your team entirely in Intercom.

Empower users to self-serve 

Help customers self-serve easier and faster with a more intuitive support experience that is personalized and contextual, right from the messenger.

Messenger self-serve support

Automation made easy with our visual bot builder

Build powerful bots in less time as you map out your customers’ entire journey within Intercom. Visualize every step your customers will take, spot potential improvements, and quickly remove any barriers keeping your customers from an optimal experience.

“Our no-code visual bot builder offers the ultimate configurable and visual bot-building experience”

Our no-code visual bot builder offers the ultimate configurable and visual bot-building experience, helping you create a sophisticated automation strategy efficiently and without any technical knowledge. It’s the next iteration in the evolution of Intercom’s bots, following the launch of Custom Actions and Custom Objects, which enables customers to integrate bots with other back-end systems within the Messenger. 

Visual Bot Builder Hero 1x

With Intercom’s new visual bot builder, you can:

  • Create sophisticated chatbots more quickly: Save time for your team and your customers by visually building out responsive, intuitive automation journeys.
  • Reduce inbound conversation volume: Increasing the number, efficiency, and effectiveness of your bots means your customers will be more likely to self-serve, reducing the number of queries that pass through to your support team. 
  • Spend less time troubleshooting: The visual bot builder makes it easy to identify any part of a bot flow that needs to be repaired or replaced, reducing time spent narrowing down an issue.

Are you ready for the next generation of customer support? Learn more about Intercom’s Support solution here.

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