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Sales Handbook Part Three - Modern Sales Techniques

Announcing part three of The Sales Handbook – Modern Sales Techniques

Editor, Intercom

Courtney Chuang


Senior Editor, Intercom

Geoffrey Keating


Main illustration: Kelly Carpenter

We’ve just published part three of our brand new, four-part series on sales – The Sales Handbook.

Whether you work in B2B or B2C, inbound or outbound, every sales team faces this challenge: getting promising sales opportunities from first touch to won deal. This alone is hard enough without the hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors vying for your prospects’ attention.

Part three of The Sales Handbook, Modern Sales Techniques, is all about twenty-first century tactics and strategies to help you break through noise and get more deals across the finish line. We’ve curated advice from today’s top sales trainers and leaders, including Trish Bertuzzi, Jill Konrath, Steli Efti and Mark Roberge, on winning over even the toughest buyers.

Preview of Sales Handbook Part Three - Modern Sales Techniques

In part three, you’ll learn:

  • How to build an efficient and cost-effective sales process.
  • Compelling questions to ask prospects across the sales cycle.
  • Ins and outs of connecting your solution to your prospect’s needs.
  • How to anticipate and face sales objections head on.

Altogether, The Sales Handbook provides a fresh take on four themes that are critical for every high-growth business to master: developing a sales strategy, growing your sales team, modern sales techniques and real-time sales.

Trish Bertuzzi in The Sales Handbook Part Three - Modern Sales Techniques

In case you missed it, part one and part two of The Sales Handbook are also available for download right now. In part one – Developing a Sales Strategy, you’ll learn:

  • Simple steps to identify your target market and customer.
  • Why you can never invest in sales ops early enough.
  • When and how to move upmarket and sell up the value chain.
  • Do’s and don’ts of engaging with resellers and channel partners.

In part two – Growing Your Sales Team, you’ll learn:

  • How to recruit, interview and hire the best candidates for your business.
  • How to pick a compensation strategy so your sales reps stick around.
  • How to structure your sales org for success.
  • How to keep sales and product aligned.

Next week, we’ll be releasing the final part of The Sales Handbook. Grab your free copy of parts one, two and three, and be among the first to receive part four, Real-Time Sales.

Head on over this way and start winning more deals today.

Sales Handbook Part Three - Modern Sales Techniques