Announcing ‘The Intercom Customer Support Trends Report for 2022’

Support is changing fast – it’s harder than ever to keep your best customers and agents. So we asked 1,200+ global support leaders about how they’re adapting. Our new report reveals the top five trends transforming support and how to capitalize on them.

Last year, as the world grappled with the global pandemic, we released our first Intercom Customer Support Trends Report. It shone a spotlight on how forward-thinking support teams were adopting conversational support tools – like proactive messaging capabilities and chatbots – to meet rising customer expectations and mounting inbound queries.

“Today, support teams are facing more pressures than ever before”

Today, we’re excited to launch our second edition of the Intercom Customer Support Trends Report for 2022. The report reveals that support teams are facing more pressures than ever before – from a growing customer expectation gap to the dawn of the “Great Resignation” to increasingly disconnected tech stacks. It’s becoming more and more clear that support teams need the right tools, technology, and resources to not just survive but ultimately thrive in 2022 and beyond.

In this year’s report, we explore the key trends that are redefining customer support. We also share actionable tips and strategies for providing world-class support in the new support landscape, where so many rules have been rewritten.

“64% of support leaders say their team have felt burned out in the past 12 months”

Discover the five trends transforming customer support in 2022

Want a sneak peek into the report’s findings? We worked with an independent research firm to survey over 1,200 global support leaders across a range of sectors, such as tech, e-commerce, and finance. The report explores the top pressures that are prompting support leaders to reassess how they’re supporting their customers and teams. These include:

  • A growing customer expectation gap amplified by the many challenges of the pandemic, including spikes in inbound queries and budget cuts. Tellingly, 75% of support teams have seen customer expectations increase, but only 34% are confident they can meet those expectations.
  • Increased team burnout and attrition heightened by reduced headcount, an influx of queries from stressed-out customers, and the dawn of the “Great Resignation.” A significant 64% of support leaders say their team have felt “burned out” in the past 12 months.
  • Being slowed down by disconnected tech stacks. Almost half (47%) of support teams are slowed down every week because their tools aren’t integrated.
  • Lack of modern technology to provide empathetic support at internet scale. Some 73% of customer support teams say that empathizing with customers is a top priority, but 21% don’t feel they have the tools they need to enable appropriate empathy.

Stay ahead of the curve: Get the full report

With widespread change and increased pressures comes new opportunities to rethink outdated strategies and tools. Now is the time to future-proof your customer support tools, strategy, and processes to meet and exceed the needs of modern customers and help your team flourish. Get ahead of the curve and grab your copy of The Intercom Customer Support Trends Report for 2022 today.

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