Customer Support Product Management | 1 min read

Great customer support solves two problems


Most customer support solves the customer problem, but there’s an incredible opportunity to solve the product problem too.

When you’re small, it’s easy for product engineers to keep a pulse on their customers’ frustrations and pain points. But as you scale, this gets harder. When we’re supporting our customers at Intercom we have 2 goals. Firstly we want to help the customer so they can continue to get value from Intercom. Secondly, and just as importantly, we help our peers in the product team, by ensuring the customer’s voice is heard.

Here’s a recent talk I gave at a meetup co-sponsored by Stripe. It’s all about our experience scaling the way we use Intercom to both support our customers and to collect and interpret customer conversations for our product teams.

Sound interesting? We’re hiring for a range of product and customer success roles.