In-context support guide announcement

Announcing our new guide ‘Supercharge Your Support: How In-context Support Can Boost Your Bottom Line’

Today, retaining customers is more valuable than acquiring new customers. But facing economic uncertainty coupled with fewer resources, support teams need to work smarter, not harder to increase loyalty. Learn how in our new guide.

In today’s digital era, customer expectations are rising but many support teams lack the modern tools and strategies needed to provide personal, efficient support at internet scale. What’s bad for customers is bad for business: 58% of consumers will stop purchasing from a brand that does not provide personal experiences they value.

With all of these competing challenges, how can support teams drive business value and keep customers happy in the modern age?

“In-context support is the key ingredient your support tech stack is missing”

In-context support is the key ingredient your support tech stack is missing. Armed with a messenger with automation and self-serve capabilities, your team will be empowered to deliver the exact support customers need, at the precise moment they need it – while they’re using your product, app, or service. And they’ll be able to do this efficiently, without increasing headcount or hours logged.

In this guide, we’ll share powerful strategies for increasing customer loyalty and boosting your business’s bottom line – without overstretching your team or resources.

When it comes to support, context is king

With the right in-context support tools and strategies, you can elevate your support team from drowning in repetitive queries to becoming hyper-efficient, customer-retaining business partners. As our VP of Customer Support Declan Ivory says:

“With a modern messenger, every conversation is a chance to build trust, connection, and deep loyalty.”

– Declan Ivory, VP of Customer Support at Intercom

Get a sneak peek at the key strategies you’ll learn in the guide

In this guide, we’ll share our best strategies to help you start supporting your customers in the context of where they are and what they’re doing in your product, app, or website.

Of course, we’re acutely aware that many businesses are operating with less headcount, resources, and bandwidth than before so we narrowed down our advice to the five essentials for driving true bottom-line impact. We hope you’ll find this guide is anti-fluff and high on nutritional need-to-know advice for thriving in the digital age. You’ll learn:

  • Why providing in-the-moment help with a modern messenger is a key competitive advantage.
  • How to provide 24/7 support without always being on call.
  • How to free your team up to focus on high-priority and VIP queries (the kinds of queries that have a direct and measurable impact on your bottom line).
  • How to personalize the customer experience with first-party data.
  • How to measure and prove the tangible business results your team is driving with in-context support.

Get the guide and gain the ultimate competitive edge

Want to learn the proven strategies for building lasting customer loyalty with greater efficiency – without burning out your support team or blowing your budget? Download the guide today. 👇

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