Announcing ‘The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Support’

With customer expectations soaring higher than ever, how do you achieve fast, meaningful support at scale?

The world’s most customer-centric teams are turning to conversational, messenger-based support – and you can learn the proven strategies to do the same in our newly published Ultimate Guide to Conversational Support.

Until recently, most support teams faced an impossible choice – stay personal with customers or get efficient as a team. Staying personal meant offering expensive, unscalable services like 1:1 phone calls or 24/7 real-time chat. Efficiency meant deflecting customer issues through impersonal forms and “do not reply” emails.

This type of “good enough” support is no longer good enough. Modern customers are used to living in an on-demand world, where their every whim can be met 24/7 – think online shopping, instant news updates, and personalized Netflix feeds. Customers expect that same speed, ease, and personal touch every time they interact with your business. Until recently, under the weight of outdated tools, most support teams struggled to meet those expectations – costing them loyal customers.

“Learn how to achieve that seemingly elusive balance between providing a world-class, personal customer experience and creating an efficient team”

The antidote? Conversational support. In our brand new ultimate guide, you’ll learn how to unlock the power of conversational messenger-based support to achieve that seemingly elusive balance between providing world-class, personal customer experiences and having an efficient team. We’ll walk you through a proven framework that combines proactive, self-serve, and human support to empower your team to get ahead of known problems, automatically answer repetitive queries, and quickly resolve complex issues.

What’s in The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Support

In the guide, you’ll get everything your team needs to thrive in this new conversational, customer-centric era, including:

  • A proven framework for automatically resolving simple, repetitive queries – freeing your team up for complex ones.
  • The latest blueprint for positioning support as a key value driver in your business.
  • Chatbot and proactive message templates for providing fast, personal support.
  • Firsthand strategies from customer-centric companies like Slack, Zapier, Wootric, and more.

Happy customers or a high-performing support team? We say choose both – it’s possible with the right conversational support strategy.