Announcing our newest guide: ‘The Ultimate Modern Support Tech Stack’

The support landscape has changed, making traditional, disconnected support tools no longer good enough. Learn how to future-proof your support tech stack with our new guide.

It’s official: C-level executives have finally caught up with what savvy support leaders have long known – customer support is business-critical. But under the weight of outdated, disjointed tools, support teams have struggled to get off the repetitive query treadmill to provide the kind of personal, efficient support that modern customers crave. It’s a recipe for team burnout, customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately churn.

“Only 37% of support leaders are happy with their current tools”

No wonder a recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Intercom, Drive Conversational Experiences For A Future-Ready Customer Support Strategy, found that only 37% of support leaders are happy with their current tools.

Luckily, with increasing market pressures comes new opportunities to reinvent. The next industry-defining category – conversational support – has arrived and it’s already reshaping the customer support experience. Forward-thinking support teams are ditching legacy tools and embracing all-in-one, conversational, messenger-based support solutions to achieve that once-elusive balance between being personal and efficient. According to our internal research, the conversational support category is set to explode and take over a third of the total addressable market share of support software in the coming years.

How can you get on top of these fast-emerging trends? In our newly published guide, we dive into how the support landscape has changed, and share top strategies for building a conversational, connected support tech stack that will keep your customers happy and your team efficient for years to come.

What’s in ‘The Ultimate Modern Support Tech Stack’ guide?

In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to future-proof your support tech stack for the new conversational support era. You’ll learn:

  • Why a modern, connected toolset is no longer optional for ambitious support teams.
  • The key ways to optimize your support tech stack through a proven framework.
  • What tools and integrations to connect with to supercharge your team’s productivity.
  • The top tech stack strategies fueling customer-centric teams, including HubSpot, Zapier, and Stripe.

Ready to gain a competitive edge and deliver your best support yet? Don’t let legacy tools hold you back – learn how to build an enduring, robust support tech stack today. 👇