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Using Intercom to take a SaaS business global

When you launch a start up you want to go global and reach as many international markets as possible.

But bridging the gulf between the ideal of growing internationally and the reality isn’t easy. It can be a very daunting task. Where do you start? What are the priorities? What tools should you use?
In this blog post, Guillaume Foutry, Country Manager US at Adictiz Box, explains how Intercom, by providing better filtering and segmentation of their audience, sophisticated customer service tools and an API for third party integration, enabled Adictiz Box to quickly scale and grow their business internationally.

Adictiz Box is a SaaS platform that enables brands and businesses to create engaging digital marketing campaigns through customized games and contests playable on social networks, mobile and the web. The platform operates on a freemium model and is currently available in 9 languages. Adicitiz Box is being used by customers across 15 countries.

Originally we were a gaming studio, so building the platform and creating games was the easy part for us. But serving B2B customers across international borders, and building proper sales and communication processes to support that, were new and daunting challenges challenges for us.

The biggest challenges were going to be around scaling up to accommodate our growth:

  • How to grow from processing a few registrations a week to dozens while keeping the same level of service and closeness with our clients?
  • How to efficiently communicate with our user base that is becoming increasingly mixed regarding nationalities, sectors and sizes?
  • How can we keep track of user engagement and find a solution to re-engage users that are slipping away?

To solve these issues, we needed a solution that was scalable, versatile, easy to manage and facilitated information sharing between remote teams. Plus we also wanted to have a service that could be connected with other tools we were using. That is why we chose Intercom.

Filtering and user segmentation

The first big benefit we realised by connecting Intercom to our platform was filtering. Not only could we filter users based on countries and languages, but also in terms of registration date, activity date, etc. That was a massive step forward as we could segment users and set up processes accordingly. From a communication perspective, it translated into setting up automatic welcome messages for newly registered users, creating reactivation messages for inactive users and informing users about new features on the platform.

From an account management perspective, it enabled us to assign user accounts between our different teams in France and the US, based on languages, time zones and markets. All of this made us more efficient and able to convert more of our users into paying customers.

Customer service

One of the other main benefits Adictiz Box reaped was the ability to operate a more sophisticated customer service system. Since setting up Intercom, we have dealt more efficiently with issues by keeping track of the different messages, categorizing the issues and assigning complaints to the right team member in one click. Not only we have improved our response time but we have also become better at knowing our customers, identifying their needs and so adapting our product to better fit the market.

Connection with third-party tools

Connecting Intercom to a third-party sales management tool has been of tremendous value for us. We use Intercom’s API to extract all the data needed by our sales force to populate the dashboard of our sales tool. Now our sales team gets immediately notified of a new registration and can start the onboarding process for new users, assisting them in the creation and launch of their first game or contest. Providing that type of first contact has had a highly positive impact on our conversion rate.

What mattered

Adictiz Box was able to scale up its operations thanks to Intercom filtering, communication and support features. We were able to use these aspects of the product to structure our different processes. This facilitated the international growth of our business and enabled us to focus on product development and customer satisfaction rather than setting up processes.

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