Built For You: New AI-first releases for better, faster, more personalized support

It’s clear that AI is already transforming customer service, and at Intercom we believe it’s given us a fundamentally new way to do customer service – that way is AI-first.

We’re building a single system that delivers AI-first experiences for customers, agents, and customer service leaders alike – all built on the foundation of Intercom’s complete customer service platform.

In this month’s Built For You broadcast, we share a number of updates to our AI-first system that will help you deliver better, faster, more personalized support to your customers:

  • AI Copilot: The wait is over – Fin AI Copilot, a personal AI assistant for every agent, is available for everyone, and we’ve added new exciting updates.
  • AI Agent: Fin AI Agent, the bot that resolves customer queries directly, is available via email. And we’ll give a sneak peek into our new Messenger that puts Fin AI Agent front and center.
  • AI Analyst: We’re building AI Analyst (coming soon), which will provide support leaders with the insights and tools they need to monitor and optimize their support.
  • Data and knowledge: We’ve released Knowledge Hub – a modern, centralized knowledge management system that makes it easy to manage, optimize, and configure all of the content that powers your human agents, AI agents, and self-serve support.

Fin AI Copilot – a personal AI assistant for agents – is available for all customers

In April, we announced Fin AI Copilot – a personal AI assistant for every agent – that dramatically improves your team’s efficiency. Now, Fin AI Copilot is available for all Intercom customers, and it’s included on every single Intercom plan. As an AI-first platform, we believe tools like Fin AI Copilot should be a part of every agent’s workflows. That’s why every agent will get free limited usage every month.

We’ve also added a couple of new features:

Fin AI Copilot reporting

We heard how important it is for managers to have visibility into how their teams are using Fin AI Copilot. Now, managers can have visibility into how their teams are using Fin AI Copilot with a dedicated report. See how many conversations are using Fin AI Copilot, track how many agents are using Fin, and easily review the quality of Fin’s answers. This helps ensure you’re maintaining quality and optimizations at every step.

Fin AI Copilot multilingual support

Fin AI Copilot can provide multilingual support in the same 45 languages as Fin AI Agent – from Arabic, to French, to Japanese, and more.

How to access: Every Intercom plan includes free limited usage of Fin AI Copilot. You can purchase unlimited usage of Fin AI Copilot for $35 per agent per month. Get more information on pricing and how to sign up here.

Fin AI Agent: Put AI Agent front and center, and provide AI-first email support

Soon, we’ll begin rolling out Intercom’s new Messenger – designed to enable faster, more conversational AI-first support. The new Messenger’s layout puts Fin AI Agent front and center, making it easier than ever to dramatically reduce your support volume, while delivering instant, accurate answers to your customers.

Fin over email

Fin isn’t just for the Messenger anymore. Fin AI Agent is now available via email. For many customer service teams, email is still the dominant channel. But the back-and-forth exchange can often lead to increased workload for agents and slower resolutions for customers. Now, with Fin AI Agent, your team can resolve more conversations, spend less time answering emails, and increase CSAT by providing AI-first email support to your customers.

And just like with the Messenger, Fin can seamlessly hand off queries to your agents to ensure the most complex issues are handled with care.

How to access: Fin over email is in open beta and available to all Intercom customers with access to Workflows.

AI Analyst: Get the insights you need to monitor and optimize your support

Customer service leaders spend too much time analyzing data, building reports, and using a variety of manual tools just to get a clear view of their support operation. The lack of holistic insights – from team performance to the customer experience – result in a limited understanding of how things are going, and CSAT scores that are based on just a fraction of their customer conversations.

We’re building an AI-first solution to solve these problems. Our AI Analyst will provide support leaders with the insights and tools they need to monitor and optimize their support operation. It will help support leaders:

  • Understand the overall health of their support operation across both human and AI agents.
  • Identify exactly where they need to make improvements.
  • Give them the tools to easily and instantly make those improvements.

We’ll have much more to share on this very soon.

Knowledge Hub: Power AI, agents, and customers with the right content, every time

AI is only as good as the knowledge it pulls from. And that knowledge must be accurate, available, and up-to-date to ensure you’re able to deliver an amazing customer experience. That’s why we created the Knowledge Hub – a modern, centralized knowledge management system that makes it easy to manage, optimize, and configure all of the content that powers human agents, AI Agents, and self-serve support.

Bring all your support content together

Centralizing all of your support content in one place makes it easier to know how and where content is being used across your entire support operation. In the same way you create public articles, you can edit, manage, and publish internal content that’s only visible to your agents. This will allow Fin AI Copilot to help agents with onboarding, internal processes, and troubleshooting. If your knowledge base is elsewhere, you can easily sync and import content from Notion, Confluence, or Guru.

Control how support content is used

Fin AI Copilot can instantly learn from any of your agents’ past conversations. Conversation history will automatically be enabled so Fin can start answering questions right away. Plus, you can choose exactly which conversations are used, so Fin only learns from the best of your most experienced, knowledgeable agents.

You can also configure content for AI Agent and your help center in the Knowledge Hub. And you can easily enable or disable content sources for Fin to use before saving.

Once you’re set up, when a customer asks a question, Fin scans across your entire knowledge base and generates an instant, personalized answer.

How to access: Knowledge Hub is available to all Intercom users.

The full power of AI-first customer service is only possible with a complete platform

Intercom has every tool a customer service agent or leader could want to provide better, faster, more personalized customer support – all built on a fully integrated platform. We’ve made huge improvements to tools like our inbox, tickets, phone, reporting and insights, and workflows. Stay tuned to hear much more about those improvements in our next broadcast.

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