What you read when you’re not reading Inside Intercom

We know that Inside Intercom readers are a fairly discerning bunch but it was only when we carried out our first reader survey recently we realized quite how discerning you are.

You provided us with thoughtful suggestions about how we can improve the blog and also the types of articles you’d like to read more of. We’ve already started implementing that feedback while continuing to produce the articles on product management, design, startups and customer support that attracted you here in the first place.

One of the striking features of your responses was the broad range of other publications that you turn to for professional inspiration. Having analyzed the list for our own purposes we thought we’d share the highlights here. The full list ran to almost 200, so we’ve stripped out publications that didn’t seem to have much professional relevance, or seemed too obvious to include (sorry Techcrunch, but you don’t need the traffic).

Happy reading and thanks for sending us your feedback.


Using the word in the broadest possible sense – your reading tastes cover everything from growth to user onboarding.
Julie Zhuo (screengrab above)
Attack With Numbers
Brian Balfour
User Onboard
Support Driven
Product Hunt

Design & creativity

A huge amount of your regular reads fell into the design category, but we pruned the list back to 10 of the more interesting resources.
A List Apart
Brad Frost
Normative Design
Peter Merholz
The Great Discontent (see above)
UIE Brainsparks
24 ways


In some quarters blogger might be considered a dismissive term, but we couldn’t think of a better one for these individuals who share their knowledge and opinions directly with loyal readerships.
Seth Godin
Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Cap Watkins
Daring Fireball (pictured)
Leisa Reichelt +++
Paul Graham
Dustin Curtis
Farnam Street
Cennydd Bowles
Quick Sprout
Nir and Far

Start-ups & Investors

Two sides of the same coin – resources for startups and blogs by the people who invest in them.
Tomasz Tunguz
Startup School
Fred Wilson
First Round Review (above)
Benedict Evans

Company Blogs

From people we look to for inspiration to customers we’re delighted to have, here’s some of the other companies you like to learn from.
Wistia (pictured)
Groove HQ
Signal v Noise
Creative Good