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Connect the dots from sign-up to success

Introduce customers to your product with guided experiences that drive adoption.

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Drive onboarding and adoption

Help customers discover everything they need to know about your product with interactive tours.
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Onboard customers to your product
Create interactive guides to walk new sign-ups through the steps to get started.
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Spotlight new features
Boost feature adoption by highlighting what’s new in your product at the perfect time.
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Erase customer pain points
Give customers proactive guidance that keeps them out of the support inbox.

“After implementing Product Tours we found that new users who took the tour activated at 4x our existing rate.”

Andy allen
Andy Allen

Co-founder and Director, Hike SEO

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Code-free tour builder
It’s quick and easy to have a tour highlight elements of your product using our visual interface.
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Error notifications
Know when there’s an issue with your tour so you can fix it right away.
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Quick-start templates
Use pre-built templates as inspiration or as a place to get started.

“Product Tours allowed us to save hundreds of development hours compared to a custom-built solution. Our support team is empowered to make changes and add new tours as our platform evolves.”

Seth greenlaw
Seth Greenlaw

Community Manager, ViewPointCloud

Code-free and super simple

These polished, engaging tours won’t tie up your designers and engineers.

Go cinematic

Stunning borderless video tours let you explain your product to customers like you’re right there with them.

Powerful, flexible features

Everything you need to create delightful experiences and measure engagement.
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Audience targeting
Target tours based on behavior, sessions, features used, and more.
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Multipage tours
Create tours that span multiple pages in your app or on your website.
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Have customers take action in your product to proceed to the next step.
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Tours automatically scroll to the correct point on a page to display the next step.
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Embeddable tours
Generate unique links to trigger tours from anywhere, including emails, your product, or help docs.
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Get a high-level view of performance, like who receives tours and who completes them.
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Goals | Coming soon
Measure the actions people take as a result of receiving your message.
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Reporting | Coming soon
Gain insight into the performance of each step of your tour.
Product Tours gets 7x more customer engagement than email

Take tours for a spin

Product Tours works with all of Intercom

Here are a few ways Product Tours works effortlessly across our platform, unlocking new ways for you to enhance your customer experience.

Custom Bots
Automatically capture a new user’s intent and then send them on the right tour directly from the conversation.
Answer Bot
Automatically answer FAQs with a tour that can walk customers through the steps to solve their problem.
Insert tours in in-app messages, emails, and multichannel campaigns as a powerful call-to-action.
Send tours right inside support conversations to help customers even faster and in context.
Messenger Home
Feature tours on the Intercom Messenger home screen for easy, on-demand access.