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How do I update my billing details?
How do I update my billing details?
How to update your payment details and manage your billing contacts and settings.
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If you'd like update your payment details or manage your billing contacts, click on your avatar and select Billing.

Payment details

Go to Billing settings to edit or update payment details such as your payment card, company location, or company name.

Billing contacts

Add Billing contacts (other teammates or external people) to the list by clicking on the box and typing the email address, separating them with a comma or space.

Billing contacts receive email communications for:

  • Invoices

  • Cancellations

  • Payment failures

  • Expired credit card

  • Overage warnings

  • Annual renewal reminder

Remove an email address by clicking on the close icon or deleting it with the keyboard.

Remove billing contact

After editing the list, save the changes by clicking on the Save button.


  • This list will be pre-populated with the person who signed up to use Intercom as the default billing contact. If you signed up with our Sales team, the billing address you provided will be set as the default contact.

  • Teammates with billing permissions will be able to edit the list.

  • At least one contact is always required.


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