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Respond to users and visitors on the go
Respond to users and visitors on the go
Quickly reply to customer conversations on the move with the Intercom for iOS and Android mobile apps.
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You don’t have to wait to get back to your desk to reply to a user or visitor. The Intercom Conversations for iOS and Intercom Conversations for Android mobile apps allow you to quickly reply to conversations on the move.

You can easily add notes, tag and assign conversations, apply macros and view your customer’s profile pages. 

Conversations assigned to you are found in the 'Me' box and the 'Unassigned' box lets you view all open conversations.

Get notified of new messages 

If you’re regularly traveling between meetings but still need to keep an eye on your inbox, you should set up mobile push notifications. This will help ensure you don’t miss any new important messages.

Reply to questions quickly and efficiently

You can quickly resolve your customers' queries while on the move by using macros, help articles, images, and GIFs right from the composer.

Note: When using macros in the Intercom conversations app, actions will not be applied, but the message content will still be included. 👌

Quickly assign, snooze and close conversations

If you don’t have time to send a detailed answer to a customer there and then, you can quickly assign a conversation to a teammate, snooze it for later, or mark it as priority. For example, if a customer needs to get a bug fixed, you can assign the message to a support engineer. This will ensure your customer gets the help they need, right when they need it. Once they're sorted out, you can close the conversation right from the app.

Add notes so you can respond later

You can add an internal note to any conversation so you can remind yourself or a teammate about a key detail. You can even @mention a teammate to notify them. Just be sure to reply to your customer to manage their expectations and let them know when they should expect a response.

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