Limit teammates' access to conversations

Configure which conversations your teammates have access to, for a more controlled Inbox experience.

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There may be times where you’ll need to keep sensitive conversations secure by controlling which teammates can access them.

Teammates can be limited to accessing:

  • All conversations.

  • Conversations assigned to them only. (Optionally including unassigned conversations)

  • Conversations assigned to their teams only. (Optionally including unassigned conversations)

  • All conversations, except those assigned to teams you specify.

Limiting conversation access is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Configure teammates’ access levels from Settings > General > Teammates:

Click ‘Edit’ next to the teammate whose access you’d like to limit:

Pro tip: On some plans you can also set up conversation access in bulk with role based permissions:

Then, select which conversations they should be able to access:

Now, if they try to access conversations they don’t have access to, none of the content will be visible, but they’ll still be able to see aggregate data in reports, and inbox counts:

This applies in the Inbox, Intercom reports, contact profiles, and also in the Intercom conversations app for iOS or Android.

The REST API will continue to allow full conversation access with the appropriate authentication.


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