You may want some of your teammates to only send messages to a specific group of your customers. For example, only those in a certain region, or those who use a specific product. This is easy to do with default rules in new messages as part of role based permissions.

Note: Default rules in new messages are only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

How to set it up

Click the settings icon (⚙️) on a role in Settings > General > Teams and roles, or click “New role”:

Scroll down to “Outbound” and switch on the toggle for “Has to use default rules in new messages”:

Then click “Add a rule” to begin adding your default rules. In this example, we’ll add rules so this role can only message customers in the USA or Canada:

Then scroll to the top and apply your changes:

How it works in messages

Now when a teammate with this role creates a message, the selected rules are pre-populated:


  • These filters are pre-populated based on the rule, but teammates can still remove them and add additional filters.

  • Applying default rules to a teammate’s role will not affect their existing messages.

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