It’s easy to create help content and share it with your customers. Just click ‘New Article’ and start writing. This article should educate your customers about your product, like how to install it or get started. Keep it short, specific and focussed on one topic. 

What to write 

No-one knows your product better than you, so go ahead and write about what you know. For example, you can: 

  • Share best practice tips you’ve learned.

  • Walk customers through a key workflow you’re familiar with. 

  • Answer a question customers often ask. 

Here are more ideas to get you started

Start writing 

Give your article a short title 

Write a short, yet descriptive article title. It’s the first thing people see when they browse your Help Center so use words people are likely to search for and recognize. 

Describe what your article covers

Next, write a short article description to summarize what the article covers. This shows up in your Help Center below the article title and in search results. Again, include words people are likely to search for to make it easier for them to find. 

Make your article easy to scan

The article editor lets you format your article so it’s easy for your customers to scan. 

  • Try adding subheadings to break your text up. Just highlight your text and select H1 or H2. 

  • Use bold text to highlight important information. 

  • Add images or videos to show customers how to complete a task. Use the toolbar at the bottom of the editor:

  • Use bullet points to create a list (just type '-' or '*' and hit the space bar).

  • Break up your content into sections with horizontal dividers:

  • Use tables to lay out information in a more structured way:

Important: Check out the full list of formatting options available here, including how to add code snippets and edit tables. 

Note: You can save your article as a draft at any point - just tick the ‘Save as draft’ box. If you’ve saved your article as a draft you’ll need to untick this box before you publish it.

Choose who can see your article

If an article is published in a collection, it’s visible to everyone by default. With Articles Pro you can define a specific group of people who can see it. Read this article to find out more.

Tip: If you'd like to publish your article in more than one language, read this guide to learn how.

Now go ahead and publish your article 

So, that’s it. Once you’ve finished your article go ahead and set it live so your customers can benefit from your advice right away. 

If you have Articles and Inbox, once you click ‘Save and ‘Close’, your article will be available to share in conversations. 

To publish an article on your Help Center (so it's publicly accessible), just add it to a collection. Click ‘Article settings’:

Then, choose the collection and section that best suit the article: 

Note: If you choose not to put your article in a section, it will appear at the top of the collection page in your Help Center.

Once an article is in a collection, it’s published. 

Don’t worry about perfecting it first time around. Get it in front of your customers so they can start getting value from it right away. You can always improve it later based on their feedback. 

Pro tip: It’s best to have at least two articles created before adding them to collections.

What’s next?

Once your article is published on your Help Center, your customers can get in touch with your team through the Intercom Messenger. You can improve your articles based on the questions they ask and the feedback they leave. 

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