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Fin demo didn't import my Help Center correctly
Fin demo didn't import my Help Center correctly

Troubleshooting Help Center import from the Fin demo page.

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Troubleshooting the Fin demo page

The Fin demo page allows you to test Fin using content from the URL provided. If the importer didn't return the number of pages you expected, there are a few reasons:

The URL provided isn't the top level domain for your Help Center

Our importer works by going to the URL you provide and then searching for all pages nested under that URL. These pages must have the same URL pattern as the URL you provide.

For example if the top level domain is, then all pages you want to import must include /home prefix in the URL e.g. If they do not, then remove the prefix and try the import again.

The Help Center content isn’t in English

Fin currently only works in English and will only import content in English. If your Help Center, or some of the pages in your Help Center, are not in English, we will not import or use that content. We are working on supporting multiple languages and this will be released soon.

Import capped at 1,000 pages

The Fin demo experience is limited to 1,000 pages for performance reasons.

The URL is private

If the content you want to use is behind a login, we won't be able to access or import it.


  • These troubleshooting tips are applicable to the Fin demo only. When you get access to use Fin in your workspace, all of your Intercom Articles will be available automatically.

  • Fin demo won’t re-sync unless the email used to start the demo is updated. Changing the email the demo is going through (e.g. changing from to will force a new sync and answer update.

  • Audience targeting is not respected for Fin demo


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