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How to test your new and existing Custom Answers

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You can test new and existing Custom Answers by clicking the Test answer button in the header.

A test Messenger will appear where you can check whether certain questions will match your answer.

When the query matches the test answer, the preview confirms there was a match.

If your question matches a different live answer, you will be notified and provided a link to that answer.

You will also be notified if your question doesn't match the answer you are testing, or any other live answers.


  • This is a 'fake' version of the Messenger, therefore functionality is limited

    • You can only query with text (no GIFs, images or other uploads)

    • Items in the Messenger are non-responsive and are not clickable

    • Only the first path of the answer is shown

  • An answer needs at least one example question in order to be tested

  • An answer cannot be set live until the content within the answer is valid


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