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Custom Answers Best Practices
Custom Answers Best Practices

How to make the most of Custom Answers

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1. Set a minimum of 10-20 answers live

Custom Answers perform best when it’s trained to recognise common questions. We recommend setting a minimum of 10-20 answers live. This should give your bot a great starting place to start presenting answers to the common questions your customers ask.

2. Continue to train Custom Answers

When creating a new answer you’ll get the chance to train it, you can do this by giving multiple examples of how a certain question can be asked. A good way to boost the coverage (the likelihood of the bot presenting an answer), is to train the bot with more examples of how your customers may phrase a question. This article gives more information on training Custom Ansewers.

3. Review unanswered questions

Once your Custom Answers are live you should find that the ‘Unanswered Questions’ report starts populating with questions that Fin AI Agent didn’t have an answer to. This report is a great tool to review a) what new answers should be created b) what existing answers to continue training, in case customers are phrasing questions in ways that existing answers are not trained enough for.

4. Add paths to answer complex, broad queries

Sometimes customers ask broad questions that need more information before a relevant answer can be presented. To resolve these types of questions, we recommend adding paths to an answer. With paths, you can present a set of clarification questions, guiding your customers to an answer.

5. Review underperforming answers

Every answer that’s been presented to your customer will either be classed as Resolved, or or Routed to teams. By filtering by Routed to teams you will find the answers with the lowest self-serve performance. This can be a great way to review and improve the quality of the answer by providing additional training.

6. Introduce Custom Objects and Custom Actions, to answer questions that rely on external information

For many use cases, some of the more common questions Custom Answers can help resolve involve orders, account or status queries from external platforms (like Shopify or Salesforce). These questions can be resolved automatically in Custom Answers, when you connect bots to external data sources. You can find out more here.


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