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Intercom’s user-friendly products help you acquire, onboard, engage and support your customers in a personal way. Eligible companies get all our pro products for a flat rate of $49 a month for up to one year.

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84% of new Y Combinator companies that use a messaging tool use Intercom
5,000+ startups from top incubators around the world choose Intercom
All-in-one customer communication platform
Tailor the Intercom experience to your startup’s growth needs – start with one or many use cases.
Convert more website visitors
Increase website conversion rates with targeted visitor messages and live chat.
Onboard new signups to become active customers
Send behavior-based in-app, push and email messages to onboard your new customers.
Get a complete picture of your customers
Track and segment your customers based on their profiles and actions they take on your website and in your product.
Gather customer feedback in real time
Collect contextual feedback with in-app, push and email messages triggered by customer actions or conversations.
Drive greater product adoption
Announce new features and drive adoption through personalized in-app messages.
Support your customers in a personal way
Use email and messaging to get quicker responses, faster resolutions and more satisfied customers.

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