The Article Search app helps you scale your support and empower your customers to help themselves. 

When your users or visitors have a question, they can search for and view articles right inside your Messenger Home. People can find answers anywhere on your site or app, without having to start a conversation. 


  • The Article Search app is only available with our Articles add on

  • If you have Articles, the app will automatically be added to the Home screen on your product and/or website. 

Here’s how it works 

By default, the Article Search app will be turned on for both your users and visitors. 

When a user/visitor opens the Messenger, they can search for an article within the Messenger, instead of starting a conversation with you. 

Then, it'll show relevant articles your user/visitor may be interested in reading. 

When your user/visitor selects an article, the article will open within the Messenger itself. So, they won’t need to leave your app or website to find the help they need. 

If your article is longer than the height of the Messenger your user/visitor can simply scroll down to read the rest of the article. 

Note: You can’t add the article search app to conversations while chatting to customers in the inbox. But, you can share relevant articles with your customers, while you chat to them. 

Can I remove the app? 

Yes, you can remove the Article Search app from your Messenger home. Just head to the ‘Add Messenger Home Apps’ section of your Messenger Settings and select ‘visitors’ or ‘users’ (depending on who you’d like to remove it for). 

Note: If you want to remove the app for both your users and visitors you’ll need to delete it from both places. 

Now, just click the delete icon on the article search app. 

Or, you can uninstall the app in the app store

What’s next? 

To ensure you’re giving your customers the answers they’re looking for you should: 

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