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Enable Article Suggestions on Messenger in your mobile app
Enable Article Suggestions on Messenger in your mobile app

Simplify customers’ search for help in your app by providing Suggested Articles directly from the Messenger Home.

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Adding your Help Center to your Messenger inside your mobile app empowers customers to help themselves. Providing Article Suggestions can guide them in the right direction and helps you scale your support by increasing article views and reducing resolution times.

For a fully integrated self-serve experience, you’ll need to install Intercom’s latest mobile SDK for each version of your app:

You will also need the Articles product and an active Help Center to ensure this works as expected.

Get started

To enable Article Suggestions on mobile, go to Messenger Settings > Platforms and open Mobile SDKs.

Then select Customize Home with apps and make sure you've added the Article search app.

Learn more about customizing the Messenger Home and adding apps.

Open the ⚙️ Settings icon on the app.

And enable the Suggested article toggle to show up to 4 suggested articles from your Help Center.

If you'd like to exclude certain articles in your Help Center from being suggested on the Messenger Home, simply search for them by title and select them from the list.

Define Audience Rules

If you only want certain groups of people to see Article suggestions, you can add audience rules. For example, if you just have articles for a certain version of your product, you could restrict articles to people who use that version.

Just click + Add audience rule button on the Article search app, and choose the criteria that your customers must meet to see articles in your Messenger.


  • Customers will only be able to see articles that they’re permitted to view in your Help Center.

  • The Suggested articles are personalized for each user. We use Machine Learning to decide which article is most likely to be viewed, based on user's Custom Data Attributes (CDAs) and visited URLs.

  • If the user clicks into the Search articles, collections and articles will appear here in the same order as your Help Center.

  • If you don't support your customer's language, the default language of your help center will be shown. However, if you've localized your Messenger and your articles, help content will be shown to match your user's device settings.


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