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What is account-based marketing?

A guide to implementing an effective account-based marketing strategy

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Account-based marketing (ABM) is an approach to marketing and sales where you focus on identifying, targeting and converting specific high-value accounts.

Instead of focusing on generating a high volume of leads, you seek to build relationships with key accounts you’ve identified as a good fit for your product or service. 

How do I use Intercom for account-based marketing? 

With Intercom, you can easily put account-based marketing into practice. You can identify key accounts when they visit your site and target them with personalized messages using enriched Clearbit data:

Important: Check our pricing page here to dive into plans with this feature. You'll also need Clearbit Reveal to target accounts and enrich messages with company data. If you have Clearbit Reveal, install the Clearbit app here and ensure you’ve added “Domain” as an attribute.

It’s easy to start building personal relationships with accounts the moment they visit your site. You can dynamically target accounts with personalized messages, and assign their replies to the right account owner:

Using the Accounts view, you can track your team’s account activity in real time. Accounts syncs with your account lists in Salesforce.

Key steps to performing effective account-based marketing

Here are the next steps to accelerating your sales and marketing funnel with ABM in Intercom:

  1. Get started by syncing your key accounts from Salesforce with Intercom.

  2. Send personalized messages to target accounts as they visit your site.

  3. Route conversations from accounts to their owners in real time.

  4. Set activity alerts when accounts you own revisit your site.


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