It’s easy to control who has the ability to start a conversation with your team, so you can tailor the level of support you offer. This lets you encourage some users or leads to search your Help Center, or take advantage of other self-serve options instead.

Note: Controlling who can start conversations in the Messenger is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

To set this up, go to your Messenger settings and open ‘Control your inbound conversation volume’.

You’ll see a toggle with two options:

  • Users.

  • Visitors (this includes Leads).

You can define a different set of rules for each of these options. 

For example, to only show the new conversations button to visitors on a certain page, select ‘Visitors who match certain data’, then ‘+ Add display conditions’.

Here you can choose the conditions that must be met for the new conversations button to display:

This example will only allow visitors to start a new conversation if they’re on the ‘Enterprise’ page of your website, to ensure that your sales team are only chatting with high value leads. There are many other ways to tailor the ability to start a new conversation, like users on a certain plan or those who are participating in a beta.

You can also switch from ‘Match all’ to ‘Match any’ rules. For example, you could set this up so that visitors to a specific page, or those who have visited more than 2 pages on your site would see the new conversation button:

Important: People without the new conversation button will still be able to reply to messages you send. 

Get even more targeted with who can start conversations

If you’ve set up our Clearbit Reveal integration, you'll have additional data that you can use to target your ideal visitors. For example, you could set the new conversation button to appear for high value prospects who work at eCommerce companies with over 50 employees, who have raised $1,000,000 in funding. 

Note: You’ll need a Clearbit Reveal API Account to integrate with Clearbit. 

What does it look like for users and visitors?

When someone visits your site or app, who isn’t able to start a new conversation, they’ll still have access to the Help Center search, and other apps in your Messenger. To offer clear expectations, the Messenger launcher will have a “Search” icon instead of the Intercom chat icon:

Note: The search icon will only appear if you have Intercom Articles and your Help Center is enabled,

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