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This article refers to our new pricing plans. If you joined Intercom before November 15, 2023, this information may not apply to you. For information about one of our legacy plans, please log in to view these articles instead, or contact us through the Messenger.

Pricing overview

How does Intercom pricing work?

Intercom offers three plans (Essential, Advanced, Expert), which all give you access to the Intercom platform. Access to Intercom requires a seat for the help desk. Every plan includes access to Intercom’s Fin AI Agent and some Proactive Support channels which are subject to additional usage charges. You can purchase the Proactive Support Plus add-on with any plan to access more channels.

Do I have to sign up with a contract?

No, both the Essential and Advanced plans offer a pay monthly or yearly subscription which you can select at checkout. Only our Expert plan requires signing a contract. You can also choose to have the other plans on a contract if you prefer.

Can I create my own customized package?

You can choose your core plan, your number of seats, and if you want any add-ons. You can also choose whether to use Fin, Email, WhatsApp, Phone, and SMS. You cannot add something from one plan to another nor remove something from a plan.

What’s the minimum I have to buy to use Intercom?

All our plans require the purchase of only a single seat to get started. Unless you have a contracted subscription, all usage is pay-as-you-go and you only pay for what you use. So it's easy to get started and grow with us over time.


What is a seat

Seats provide access to Intercom’s products and features within your chosen plan. Each teammate using Intercom must have a designated seat assigned to them.

  • Lite seats provide limited access to Intercom to support cross-functional collaboration. A set number of Lite seats are included without additional charge only on the Advanced and Expert plans.

How can I change my plan or number of seats?

Customers on pay monthly/year subscriptions can easily manage their plan, seats, and add-ons from their Intercom workspace. Customers on the Expert plan or on annual contracts need to contact us through the Messenger to make a change.

To get access to the Expert plan and Premier Support, Premier Onboarding, and Custom API rate limits, you'll need to talk to sales and sign a contract.

Does a Lite seat include access to Proactive Support?

A Lite seat grants access to Proactive Support settings, but not the ability to create content or set it live (outbound messages and Series). A Full seat is needed in order to create and manage Proactive Support content.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for online payment as well as Apple Pay / Google Pay. Invoices cannot be paid via debit cards, pre-paid card, PayPal or similar services.

Customers on a contract are given the option of ACH transfers and credit card payments. If you have a contracted subscription, your contract will show the agreed payment method e.g. credit card, ACH or wire transfer.

Are there any additional usage charges?

In addition to seats and add-ons, you only pay for what you use. See a pricing breakdown for usage-based channels and Fin AI Agent resolutions.

Do you offer discounts for startups?

Yes, Intercom offers an Early Stage program for startups.

Free trials

How does the free trial work?

Intercom’s free trial requires no credit card to sign up. During the 14-day trial, you’ll have access to all the products and features included in the Advanced plan as well as Proactive Support Plus. After the free trial period, simply add your credit card details to continue using Intercom.

If you're interested in a free trial of the Expert plan, contact our Sales team through the Messenger.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No! You do not need to enter any payment details to start a free trial with Intercom and there are no setup fees. A card is only required to continue using Intercom after your free trial.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

You will no longer be able to use Intercom until you provide a card payment method or talk to our Sales team.


What happens if I cancel my subscription? Will I lose settings, API keys, custom branding settings, etc.?

Canceling your subscription will not delete any data. However, live content such as Proactive Support messages, Workflows, and your Help Center, will be automatically paused as soon as your subscription becomes inactive. Also, any teammate permissions will be reset.

Can I pay in my local currency?

Intercom is billed in United States Dollars (USD) only. This applies across our whole platform, including seat pricing, additional usage charges, add-ons, and Premier Services. Right now, we can’t bill in any other currencies.


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