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Pricing and features included with the Proactive Support Plus add-on.

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This article refers to our new pricing plans. If you joined Intercom before March 14, 2024, this information may not apply to you. For information about one of our legacy plans, please log in to view these articles instead, or contact us through the Messenger.

Proactive Support Plus is an optional add-on to any core plan that you’re on (Essential, Advanced, or Expert). If you decide to purchase this add-on, you’ll be charged a flat fee per month, plus usage-based charges for some additional channels.

Unless you are on a contract, you can add or remove this add-on from your plan any time. It will be prorated and billed monthly. If you’re on a contract, chat to your Account Manager.

Proactive Support Plus is not required to use email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Phone. Those channels are already available on any plan and are simply charged based on your usage.

Prices are shown in United States Dollars (USD).

Pricing and features

Base fee


Features included

Features charged based on usage

These features are not sold separately and are only available when you purchase the Proactive Support Plus add-on.

Messages Sent

The metric 'Messages Sent' is used to calculate the cost of sending Posts, Mobile Push, Product Tours, Mobile Carousels, and Surveys. Usage of these channels is only available if you have the Proactive Support Plus add-on.

The add-on includes 500 'Messages Sent' each month. If you go over this, you’ll start being charged per message (see rates below).

What counts as 'Messages Sent'?


Every time a post is presented to an end user. If a user sees the same post on web and on mobile, this counts as two 'Messages Sent'.

Mobile Push

Every time a mobile push is sent to an end user’s device (not a teammate). If the same mobile push is delivered to two devices logged in to the same user account, this counts as two 'Messages Sent'.

Product Tours

Every time a tour is presented to an end user. The user does not need to take the tour. The same tour can be presented multiple times to the same user which counts as a 'Message Sent' each time.

Mobile Carousels

Every time a carousel is presented to a user. The same carousel can be presented multiple times to the same user and we will charge for each time it is presented.


Every time a survey is sent, regardless of whether the survey was taken or completed. A survey counts as a 'Message Sent' if: a user is shown the survey by matching your audience rules; or a user interacts with the first question embedded in an email; or a user clicks on a survey’s shareable link (in a chat, post, email, webpage, etc.)


  • If a user matches your audience rules for a message, they’ll be shown the message and this counts as a 'Message Sent'. They don't necessarily have to interact with the message.

  • ‘Messages Sent’ does not include emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages as these channels are available without the add-on and use their own metrics.

Price breakdown for 'Messages Sent'

Greater Than or Equal To

Less Than or Equal To

Price Per Message Sent

Tier 1



$0.0000 (included in add-on)

Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5




Tier 6




Tier 7




Tier 8




Tier 9


and above


How to calculate the cost of sending Posts, Mobile Push, Product Tours, Mobile Carousels, and Surveys

These channels use the 'Messages Sent' metric which follows a tiered pricing structure. When your usage exceeds a tier threshold, the cost per message decreases. Charges are determined by the proportion of your usage within each tier.

So to work out the total cost, you’ll need to include all messages sent through any of these channels, then calculate the cost for each tier up to your total volume and then sum these costs.

Messages Sent pricing examples

1. This month your Product Tour was presented to 400 users, and you don’t use any other features included in Messages Sent. Your total Messages Sent usage is 400.

You won't incur any usage-based charges for Messages Sent, since you are currently below the included quantity in your Proactive Support Plus add-on.

2. This month your “Welcome” Post was presented to 100 users. You also sent 400 Surveys. Your total Messages Sent count is 500.

Again, you won't incur any usage-based charges for Messages Sent, since you are within the 500 Messages Sent included in the Proactive Support Plus add-on.

3. This month your Mobile Carousel was presented to 3,000 users.

  • For the first 500 (Tier 1): No charge (included in add-on)

  • For the next 500 (Tier 2): 500 x $0.0700 = $35

  • For the next 1000 (Tier 3): 1000 x $0.0600 = $60

  • For the remaining 1000 (Tier 4): 1000 x $0.0500 = $50

So, it would cost $145 for a Mobile Carousel to be presented to 3,000 users.


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