If you use Articles to educate your customers, you can proactively share the right article, with the right customer, at the right time using in-app auto messages. You can also show a specific article to your users or visitors in your Messenger home

Sharing articles with the Article Inserter app is perfect for:

  • Proactively helping customers who run into setup issues.
  • Helping loyal customers gain a deeper understanding of your product.
  • Engaging visitors on a particular page with a relevant article.
  • Onboarding new customers with a sequence of articles in a campaign.
  • Welcoming users or visitors with a specific article on your Messenger home.

Here’s how to set it up: 

Install the Article Inserter App

First, go to the app store and click on the Article Inserter app:

Then, just click 'Install' to finish setup. Now, the app is ready to use.

Send targeted articles in auto messages

To add an article to a message, just click the plus sign when setting up your message content:

Note: You’ll need Messages and Articles to proactively share articles in auto messages. You can use the Article Inserter app in manual messages, visitor and user auto messages. It doesn’t work for email messages.

Then, select ‘Insert app’:

Next, choose the Article Inserter app: 

To choose the right article, you can easily search your Help Center and select an article:

Once you’ve chosen an article, it’ll appear as a card in your message: 

Now, when you set the message live, you’ll be able to share specific articles with the right people:

Your visitors or users can read the article without needing to leave the Messenger, so they stay in the right context:

Show a specific article on your Messenger home

You can also use the Article Inserter app to show a specific article on your Messenger home.

Just go to ‘Add Messenger home apps’ in your Messenger settings: 

Choose if you want to customize your Messenger home for visitors or users. Then, click ‘Add an app’:

Next, select the Article Inserter app from the list:

You can search for and select the article you’d like to add to your Messenger home:

Once you've chosen an article, click ‘Save and set live’ to make it live.

Now, users or visitors will be able to see and read the article directly in your Messenger home:

What’s next?

Here are more ways to better engage your users with Messenger apps:

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