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Customize the Help Desk with apps
Customize the Help Desk with apps

Get the context you need so you can support your customers faster.

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Context is key to providing the best possible customer experience. You can customize your conversation details to show the exact information you need, and perform actions directly in external tools without needing to leave the conversation.

By default, you’ll see the standard list of conversation details to the right of your conversation:

You can customize and rearrange the order of these details, as well as add apps to see details and take actions in other tools.

Every teammate in your Intercom workspace can choose their own unique combination of apps and information to display here, so your support team can easily troubleshoot issues or report bugs, and your sales team can set up demos or start trials for new customers.

How do I customize the conversation details?

Adding and re-ordering apps

Let’s say you’re on the support team and a customer reports a bug in your app. It’s helpful to see the actions they’ve taken before seeing the issue so you’ll want to bring ‘Recent events’ to the top. Just click ‘Edit Apps’:

Then, select the pin icon to the right of ‘Recent events’ to add it:

Next select the icon to the left to drag it to the top:

Pro tip: There are many built in options you can use to make your inbox more powerful and efficient:

  • Quick links — Create dynamic links to other products or internal tools with user or company attributes. E.g.{user_id}.

  • Recent events — See the actions your customers have taken in your product.

  • Total events — Count the total number of times your customers have taken certain actions.

  • User/Company notes — Check notes you or your teammates have added, like: “Danny loves GIFs in conversations”.

  • User/Company tags — So you can easily apply tags like: “Potential_beta_candidate”.

Choosing which attributes and events are visible

With User details, Company details, and Total events you can also specify exactly which attributes and events you want to see. Just click ‘See All’ below the list:

Then, use the ‘pin’ icon to toggle visibility on and off, and click the back arrow at the top when you’re finished:

Note: While you can pin the attributes you wish to be visible, you cannot change the order that they appear in.

Hiding apps

Efficiency is important when you’re supporting a high volume of customers. Removing unnecessary information is a good way to tidy up your inbox so you can focus on what’s important to you and your customers.

To hide apps and information you don’t need, click ‘Edit Apps’, then, select the ‘pin’ icon on any that you would like to hide:

Note: Any changes you make to your conversation details will only apply to your view of the Help Desk - it won’t affect your teammates’s inboxes.

Installing new apps

To make the most of your Help Desk, you should add apps to connect to other tools you use.

For a list of all apps that you can add in the conversation details, go to the App Store and select ‘Works with Help Desk’:

Next, select the apps you’d like to use and follow the simple steps to install them.

Here are some of the apps you can install to accelerate your workflows:

  • Salesforce - Create leads, and view their deals.

  • Stripe - Upgrade your customers’ subscriptions as you chat.

  • Trello - Track feature requests, bugs and issues.

  • Zendesk - Forward Intercom conversations to Zendesk.

  • StatusPage - See live updates on your product’s status.

  • Shopify - Check a customer’s order status as you chat.

  • MailChimp - Subscribe users to your mailing list.

For apps built by our partners, you can find a link to their documentation in the app details view:

After you install a new app, you can click ‘Edit apps’ in the sidebar to add it to your conversation details:

Teammates with Help Desk access will also receive an email linking them to the app so they can find out more.

Note: You can opt out of these notifications from your notification settings page.

Using installed Apps in Conversations

Apps that work with the Help Desk from the App Store can also be sent in a conversation to the customer. For example, if you need to organise a meeting, you can send the Google Calendar app while talking with the customer.

Once the App is installed, you can access it with the Command-K menu:

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