How to sign up for a free trial of Intercom

Start a free trial and see exactly what you can do with Intercom on your site or in your app.

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Starting a free trial

Signing up for a free trial of Intercom is quick and easy.

  1. Click Start free trial and enter your business email address to start your 14 day trial. No credit card required.

  2. Start setting up Intercom and inviting other members of your team.

During the 14 day trial

You’ll have access to all the products and features included in the Advanced plan as well as Proactive Support Plus.

  • If you're interested in the Essential plan, you may choose it during the check out step of your free trial. To get to check out, click Buy now in the banner at the top of your screen when you're logged into your workspace, or wait for your trial to end and then downgrade to Essential.

  • If you’re interested in a free trial of the Expert plan, you'll need to contact our Sales team.

After the 14 day trial

After the free trial period, you'll be able to choose between the Advanced plan or Essential plan at checkout. You can also choose to add or remove any add-ons.

Talk to sales if you would like to upgrade to the Expert plan.

After your initial free trial ends, your messages and Help Desk setup will be saved but not live until you complete the purchase process.

Discounted annual subscriptions

You have the option at checkout to pay monthly or pay yearly for your subscription. Paying annually will grant a discount on seats only for the Essential and Advanced plans. All products (plan, seats, and add-ons) purchased for an annual subscription will be billed ahead for 12 months and require payment upfront.

You can't choose the Expert plan for an annual subscription, if you're interested in this plan you'll need to talk to sales.

Customers with existing monthly subscriptions can't change to an annual subscription, you would need to cancel your current subscription and start a new one.

If you choose an annual subscription, you'll be able to choose the number of seats you'd like to include on your plan.


  • The minimum is set to the number of teammates currently assigned a seat on your workspace. If you'd like to purchase an annual subscription with less seats, you'll need to remove teammates from your workspace first.

  • If you choose to pay monthly, the seat input is disabled and locked to the number of existing teammates on your workspace. But seats can be added or removed throughout the month simply by adding or removing a teammate and you'll only be charged for the period they were assigned to a teammate.

  • If you choose to pay yearly, you can still add additional seats or add-ons to your subscription later, however, you won't be able to remove them. Learn more.

When you're happy with your selection, click Continue to payment. Simply add your credit card details or choose Apple Pay / Google Pay to complete your purchase.


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