Here are a few key things to help you understand how Intercom works:

  • We offer three core products – Inbox, Messages and Articles.
  • We also offer three add-on products – Custom Bots, Answer Bot, and Product Tours.
  • You can start with one product or multiple products (for example, you can sign up for Inbox and Messages to get our Acquire customers solution). 
  • You can add or remove products at any time.
  • All products are built on the Intercom Platform, which lets you see your customers and what they do on your website and in your app. 
  • With Inbox and Messages, you can choose between an Essential, Pro and Premium plan. 

What is each product for?

Core products

Inbox - Manage and reply to conversations with leads and users as a team.
Messages - Send targeted and automated messages to leads and users.
Articles -
Create and publish articles in a Help Center so customers can help themselves.

Add-on products

Custom Bots - Proactively engage visitors, capture their intent, and provide them the right path to action.
Answer Bot - Reduce conversation volume by providing instant answers to common questions.
Product Tours - Drive better adoption by guiding customers around your product.

What features do I get with each product?

Below is an outline of the key features included with each product, including the features that come with the Intercom Platform.

The Intercom Platform

The following features come with the Intercom Platform, and so are available on all Intercom products–Inbox, Messages and Articles.

Unique features of Inbox

Inbox Essential includes all the features of the Intercom Platform, plus:

Inbox Pro features

Inbox Pro includes all the features of Inbox Essential, plus:

Watch a recorded demo about Inbox.

Unique features of Messages

Messages Essential includes all the features of the Intercom Platform plus:

Messages Pro features

Messages Pro includes all the features of Messages Essential, plus:

  • Send a series of email, push and in-app messages to people, based on their individual behavior with Smart Campaigns.
  • A/B test messages to optimize performance.
  • Let people reply to in-app messages with reactions.

Watch a recorded demo about Messages.

Unique features of Articles

Articles includes all the features of the Intercom Platform, plus:

View a recorded demo about Articles.

Features shared on all Pro plans

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