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What’s new in tickets?
What’s new in tickets?

We’re constantly adding new features and improvements to tickets. Check back here for the latest releases.

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Since we relaunched the new tickets experience in September 2023, we've been adding new features and improvements to help your team solve customer issues of all shapes and sizes faster and more effectively than ever before.

See below for the latest ticket releases.

Last updated: 30/01/2024

Latest releases

Create tickets in the Messenger

The new Messenger ticket links make it easy for customers to independently create tickets directly from the Messenger Home, without needing to send them a ticket form.

This is now available for Web Messenger and our Mobile SDKS. Learn more here.

Ticket SLAs

Customers can now enable SLAs for both tickets and conversations. Learn more here.


Auto-convert conversations to tickets

Automatically convert emails and other inbound conversations types to tickets for more streamlined issue handling and improved team efficiency. Conversations can only be converted to Customer tickets, not Back-office or Tracker tickets. Learn more here.

Bulk link to Tracker tickets

Customers can now bulk select multiple conversations and/or customer tickets to be linked to a Tracker ticket. Learn more here.

Tickets in Workflows

Using our three ticket categories (Customer tickets, Back-office tickets, and Tracker tickets), you can build Workflows which specifically target each of these categories and automate repetitive tasks for your team. Learn more here.

2023 releases

Ticket categories

On September 5, 2023 Intercom released a new version of tickets which now offers three ticket categories – each uniquely designed for a specific use case. Click on the links below to learn more about each ticket category.

  • Customer tickets - When your team needs more time to work on issues, use Customer tickets to capture, track and automatically share progress with the customer.

  • Back-office tickets - When your front-office team needs to work with back-office teams to resolve an issue, create a linked Back-office ticket from a conversation for seamless collaboration.

  • Tracker tickets - Streamline problems impacting many customers, such as bugs, service interruptions, and feature requests.

Side conversations

When customer issues can't be resolved immediately and require the participation of a partner outside of Intercom, you can use side conversations to email external partners from within a ticket or conversation.

Tickets portal

Use the new tickets portal if you want to provide an external view of all relevant tickets to each of your customer organizations. This allows them to see a real time view of all tickets in one place, understand their current state, or historical state, and reduce duplication.

What changed in tickets?

This section is only applicable to customers that were tickets users before September 5, 2023. The new tickets experience that launched then included several improvements to the tickets experience for teammates and customers. You can find what changed in the UI below.

Settings page

The settings page has a new UI to reflect the 3 ticket types categories: Customer, Back-office, and Tracker tickets.

Convert to ticket

The convert to ticket button is now clearly surfaced in the header instead of being hard to reach in the conversation right sidebar.

Create a Back-office ticket from a conversation

The action to create a linked ticket now says Back-office ticket.

Create a ticket

The experience of creating a new ticket from the Help Desk now looks and feels better!

Internal notes

When adding an internal note to a ticket, you now have the ability to specify whether to just add it to the ticket or also cross-post it to the linked conversation.

Ticket states

Ticket states have more representative colors in the Inbox and are clearly surfaced.

Ticket cards

Tickets cards in the Inbox list are richer and surface more information like the ticket ID, last activity or note.

Tickets in table

Tickets row in the table layout also have a refreshed UI.

Email notifications

Tickets email notifications that customers receive now surface more useful information with a refreshed UI.


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