The world’s fastest growing businesses choose Intercom

New Relic wanted useful feedback about a new feature. Rather than spam their entire database with a survey, they used Intercom to target power users of the feature and sent it to their inboxes where it wouldn’t be as disruptive.


21% replied with feedback, a 2.5x increase than their last, non-targeted survey

Visitors can build a form or survey before signing up, but in order to save and share it, they need to create an account. To encourage visitors to take this next step, they triggered an in-app message that appears after someone builds their first typeform.


92% of those who opened the message saved their typeform

As an activity monitor for dogs, FitBark works best when owners set goals for their dogs’ activities. Email reminders were ignored, so FitBark triggered an in-app message to active customers who hadn’t set a goal within their first two weeks.


92% set an activity goal after seeing this message

Later, a popular mobile app for Instagram scheduling, wanted to reach out to new signups before they slipped away. Using Intercom, they sent an email to new users who hadn’t been active for two days.


23% of recipients scheduled a post
17% more users were retained from targeted onboarding messages

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