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Intercom for small business

Keep your customers close, even when you can’t be

Onboard and support your customers with the team you already have. Intercom puts your customer messaging in one place.
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Not sure if Intercom is right for your business? Sign up for a product demo and see how easy it is to use Intercom.

Talk to the Intercom team live in our AMA webinar, and evaluate if Intercom is right for your business.

Stay connected across the customer journey

An elevated customer experience

Stand out while scaling your business with personalized conversations in our Messenger and quality support.

Improved team efficiency

Up your team’s ability to juggle it all with powerful chatbots, self-service, and centralized channels.

Data-driven messages

Send timely, insight-backed messages to keep your customers engaged and encourage them to act.

300+ apps and integrations
Intercom easily integrates into your tech stack, connecting all of the tools you already love.

“We use Intercom across every part of our business. We’re a small team, but Intercom helps us grow our customer base while scaling our headcount thoughtfully.”

Stephanie Bowker, Head of Marketing

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