What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is the set of customer-facing information for your product. Good knowledge bases should deliver a great support experience and have a measurable impact on the business. Intercom provides knowledge base software that helps you create an effective self-service support experience for your customers. They get answers faster and your team sees fewer support requests.

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Consumers who would use a knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs

As low as $0.25

The average cost of an automated interaction, compared to a chat with a support rep that can cost up to $12


Percentage of customer questions that Intercom’s Answer Bot can automatically resolve

Benefits of a good knowledge base

Modern knowledge base solutions aren't just a collection of static text documents. They can support multiple forms of content, including videos and written guides. They can also integrate with the rest of your support experience to offer timely, personalized help to customers on-site, in-app or during a live chat.

With a customer-facing knowledge base in place, you'll see:

    1. Faster resolution times

    Empower your customers to find answers to common questions themselves. A quick Google or on-site search gives them results faster than waiting for a response from your team.

    2. Reduced support volume

    More self-service support options, such as a knowledge base, mean fewer inbound conversations for your team to handle. What could your team get done with more free time?

    3. Happier customers

    When customers can immediately find an answer to their question in your knowledge base, they become more satisfied with your product.

    4. Reduced costs

    Modern knowledge base software saves you money by automatically answering simple questions for you. This also frees up time for your support team to tackle more complex issues that have a bigger impact on customer happiness and long-term retention.

Features of a modern knowledge base

Planning to upgrade knowledge base software for your app or service? Look for these features:

  • Easy integration

    Modern knowledge bases should integrate seamlessly with your existing help desk or live chat solutions, allowing them all to work together toward the common goal of customer happiness.
  • Customization

    The ideal knowledge base software gives you complete control over how your knowledge base looks and operates. It should also let you surface specific pieces of content to specific audiences, right when they need it most.
  • A powerful editor

    Your knowledge base editor should allow seamless content creation that matches your brand's colors and fonts. It should also support a variety of rich media options, including images, GIFs and videos.
  • Robust insights

    Your knowledge base software should provide built-in analytics to help you improve existing content, measure its impact on resolution rate and identify new pieces of content to create.

Best practices for creating knowledge base articles

Once you've got your knowledge base software set up, it's time to create customer-facing articles and tutorials. To be as helpful to as many customers as possible, follow these tips.

  • Use a consistent voice and tone

    All of your articles should use simple, clear and descriptive language to describe solutions or walk customers through a process. Make sure your vocabulary matches the terms used in the product to provide a seamless customer experience.
  • Create rich media

    Rich media like images, videos and GIFs keep articles engaging and easy to follow, especially for visual learners.
  • Make discovery easy

    Invest in search engine optimization, user experience and proper content architecture to make your knowledge base information easier for your customers to browse and find answers.
  • Constantly refresh

    Creating and updating knowledge base articles should be a part of your product launch or update plans. This ensures that customers never encounter out-of-date information that lead to frustration and churn.

Why you should use Intercom for your knowledge base

Here's how Intercom can make your knowledge base – and self-service experience – stand out:

  • Clean and flexible content editor

    Our editor lets you effortlessly embed images, videos and other rich media. Add helpful call-to-action buttons in your articles to send customers to the next step in their journey.
  • Insights for smarter self-service

    Built-in feedback tools let you see clearly see what content is working and what content needs to be improved to better serve your customers' needs.
  • Easy implementation

    Avoid a cold start by migrating your existing knowledge base to Intercom. Quickly move your existing content from Zendesk, Help Scout and more.
  • Powerful integration

    Use Intercom's help desk and other messaging features, and quickly share content from your knowledge base when talking with customers.

"Since implementing Intercom’s Articles for self-service support, we’ve seen our customer satisfaction rating jump from 8.8 to 9.6. The quality of the conversations we are having is higher as well, because our customers can quickly find answers to common questions themselves."

Ronan Ryan

COO at LetsGetChecked