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Engineering 19 min watch

To move quickly towards a mission, the core attributes of product teams – strategy, design and engineering – need to be well aligned. But how do you achieve that alignment and what happens when you don’t?

Principal Engineer, Intercom

Eoin Nolan

News & Updates 4 min read

With the rollout of TLS 1.2, we’re introducing an official deprecation plan for previous versions of our mobile SDKs and, later this year, raising our minimum supported platform versions. Learn what change we’re making, why we’re making it, and lessons we learned developing a deprecation framework.

Senior Engineer

Nicolette Yadegar

Product Engineer

Naren Hazareesingh

Engineering 9 min watch

When trying to solve a problem, it can be tempting to build a sophisticated, elegant and complex solution. But that unnecessary complexity can lead to just as complicated issues. We think boring software is better, and here’s why.

Senior Product Engineer, Intercom

Waheed El Miladi