We run on inclusion: Sharing stories and lived experiences

In this very special podcast episode, some of our LGBTI+ colleagues invite us to hear about their worlds.

For Pride week, our LGBTI+ teammates have been sharing their lived experiences, including their coming out stories, how they’ve stayed engaged with their communities in light of COVID-19, and what ways they feel allies can best support LGBTI+ people. We’ve been releasing these interviews as individual episodes for their Intercom colleagues to hear across the week.

Today though, we wanted to share some of their insights and shared wisdom with you too. Here are just some of their powerful stories of the adversities they’ve faced, the joys they’ve felt, and from their experiences, the advice they’d give to their past selves and others. In this episode you’ll hear from:

  • Birdie Haumschild: Sales Development Representative, San Francisco
  • Ciara Guinan: Customer Support Specialist, Dublin
  • Jessica Filizola: Customer Support Specialist, Dublin
  • Rachel Jamison: Lifecycle Marketing Manager, San Francisco
  • Tyle Bivens: Sales Development Representative, Chicago

On a personal note, I was humbled and honored to have these meaningful conversations with my colleagues. They are each as unique and insightful as each other. We hope you enjoy and Happy Pride from all of us at Intercom.

Find out more about Intercom’s Pride 2020 program.