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Darragh Curran

Chief Technology Officer

Darragh Curran Portrait

Darragh Curran is the CTO at Intercom, leading Product Engineering, Growth Engineering, Infrastructure, Security, and IT teams to build, iterate, scale, and maintain the Intercom engagement platform. He’s scaled and evolved Engineering teams and culture at Intercom since 2012.

His background boasts a variety of experience, leading teams and building products at startups like Newbay and Ticketsolve, at the web product development consultancy Contrast, at agile software development consultancy Exoftware, and across large multinationals including IBM and Amazon.

Darragh is passionate about the people and culture that underpin world-class teams and organizations, and has played an important role in establishing this at Intercom. He is passionate about building products, solving customer problems, and using technology to do that in highly leveraged ways. He values simplicity, automation, high attention to detail, a continual improvement mindset, and a customer obsession.

He pioneered Intercom’s approach to shipping fast and early, publicly sharing the philosophy and also built the internal systems that coordinate all of Intercom’s infrastructure, which is capable of hundreds of deployments a day across thousands of hosts and clusters, multiple application stacks, and across multiple regions.

Darragh holds a B.A. (Mod) Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, where he was awarded a scholarship for standout academic achievement.

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