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Intercom for fintech

Stress-free messaging for financial service companies

Register new clients when they’re on your site or app, and get loyal clients the answers they need, quickly and securely.
Stress-free messaging for financial service companies
Finance Statistics
  • 1.1m

    financial conversations powered daily

  • 1 in 3

    common financial questions resolved automatically

  • 85%

    median CSAT for financial services companies

#1 Business Messenger for Financial Services
A Messenger that talks money
  • Friendly, quick, secure

    Chat through our Business Messenger like the messaging apps you and your clients use every day.

  • Configurable set-up

    Set expectations with customers based on your team's bandwidth, and collect upfront information for follow-up later.

  • Proactive messages

    Send targeted messages at just the right time to encourage potential clients to sign up.

Top financial institutions choose Intercom

“Across all of the teams that use Intercom, the main benefit is being able to get closer to our customers through chat. We can solve their problem from beginning to end in a short period of time through a fluid conversation.”

Martin Bouvier, Head of Onboarding

Easy to create FAQs

Point clients to the right help article for their question, directly from the Messenger.

Support that doesn’t sleep, even when your team does

People expect fast answers when it comes to their finances. So give them speedy support across your site and mobile app.

Complete self-service

Resolve up to 33% of your clients’ most common banking questions with our chatbots so your team can focus on more productive tasks.

Integrated knowledge base

Set up a central place for your clients to reliably find answers to their questions.

Connected to 300+ tools
Trusted data security

“Thanks to Intercom, we’ve decreased the number of conversations with clients by 30% while keeping our customer satisfaction score at 90%.”

Claire Juliard, Head of Customer Success

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