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Intercom Surveys

Good companies ask customers’ opinions. Great companies act on them.

Let in-context customer surveys take your business to the next level. From nurture campaigns to onboarding experiences—and much more—Surveys helps you capture and automatically act on valuable customer insights.

A survey tool like no other

Only Intercom Surveys connects you to valuable customer insights—and then helps you turn those insights into action, automatically.
  • Increased response rates

    Send your customers in-context surveys to collect data on what they’re doing—while they’re doing it—whether that’s on web, mobile, or in your app.
  • Improved customer data

    Collect first-party data to enrich individual user profiles so you can give your customers a more personalized experience.
  • Automatic follow-ups

    Instantly and automatically put customer insights to work by triggering customer journeys based on collected responses.

The insights are magic. The customer journeys are endless.

Easy, engaging, and actionable.
You’re welcome.

Simple and customizable

Intercom makes it quick and easy to create surveys that match the look and feel of your brand.

  • Flexible survey composer

  • Customizable color, rating scales, and greetings

  • Branching logic (coming soon)

Detailed reporting

Surveys produces detailed results that you can analyze right on our platform. You can layer those results over existing reports for deeper insights, too.

  • Advanced survey reporting (coming soon)

Mobile survey

Intercom also lets you send modern, mobile-friendly surveys designed natively within our platform. Use them to capture customer feedback anytime, anywhere.

  • Phone with "thank you" notification

    Multi-channel capabilities

    Surveys lets you reach customers on whatever channel suits them best—whether that’s in-app, mobile, email, or web—for higher response rates overall.
  • Rule diagram with condition when to show certain message

    Powerful targeting

    Take advantage of Intercom’s rich customer data platform to identify and segment your target audience.
  • Panel for creating surveys with options to start from scratch or from template

    Results-driven workflows

    You can also save survey responses to individual user attributes, enriching your overall customer data for precision-targeted Series, Product Tours, emails, and more.

See Surveys for yourself

In-depth data has endless possibilities. Check out Surveys in action for even more ways to act on customer feedback.
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    Since we started using Intercom Surveys, we’re getting 19x more responses than we were before. They’re quicker and easier for customers to complete because they appear in our product and don’t disrupt their flow.
    Anna Diyachenko
    Support Manager at Novakid
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    Surveys helps us better understand our customers and act on their feedback. We can also build workflows based on those insights, triggering outreach on advocacy opportunities or directly from our sales team.
    Brian Lederman
    Head of Sales, Success, and Support at Coda

Start acting on customer insights today with Intercom Surveys