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Intercom SMS

No-reply texting? Goodbye. Two-way SMS is here.

Engage, activate, and connect with customers like never before. Our two-way SMS lets you have back-and-forth customer conversations, and send real-time promotional offers, transactional messaging, and more.

An easy, effective channel

With Intercom, business SMS is part of a full, omnichannel messaging experience.

  • Anytime, anywhere messaging

    With a 98% average open rate, text messaging is the perfect channel to actively engage with and connect to your customers—wherever they are.

  • True two-way SMS

    The best thing about two-way SMS is having your customers’ full attention. Use it to chat with them directly from the Intercom Inbox, and leave those generic responses and dead-end texts behind.

  • Personalized, targeted texts

    Our data capture lets you send event-triggered text campaigns, or schedule campaigns based on user behavior—automatically giving you access to powerful message personalization and targeting.
  • Easy set-up

    It’s simple to get started with Intercom’s native SMS tool, and instantly reap the benefits of self-serve onboarding, text message reporting, consent management, keyword handling, and more.
  • SMS reporting and analytics

    Intercom helps you understand and optimize your text messaging campaigns. Use our tools to track how messages are sent and delivered—and to see how customers respond to them.
  • SMS for (any) business

    Our easy-to-use business text messaging is all you need across a wide variety of teams and business needs.

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    SMS for marketing

    Increase product adoption (and revenue) when you add SMS as a marketing channel. Text-based announcements and onboarding reminders help drive your campaigns home.
  • Support Icon

    SMS for support

    Text customers before issues come up, or proactively provide an inbound support line they can text directly to get answers themselves.
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    SMS for sales

    Follow up with leads in a flash, or have them connect with your sales team—all through SMS. You’ll convert more visitors into paying customers just by texting them when they’re actively exploring your business.
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    Transactional messaging

    Send customers useful payment or receipt info, and trigger those SMS messages to go out based on data from specific events or certain types of customer behavior.
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    Promotional campaigns

    Drive growth and revenue with SMS marketing campaigns that get your offers in front of customers who are most likely to engage—we’re talking a 98% average open rate.
  • And more

    Make SMS your new favorite channel for onboarding, re-engagement, ABM, proactive support, and more for a cohesive experience across the entire customer journey.
  • A seamless, omnichannel experience

    Our platform goes way beyond SMS. Create integrated campaigns in our Series tool, and connect them across SMS, in-app messages, Product Tours, email, and more.

    “Intercom SMS gives us higher engagement and completion rates—plus significant time savings. Our patients prefer SMS, but it was too manual a process before. Intercom made it easy.”

    Daniel Leung, Head of Product & Strategic Growth

    Have questions about two-way SMS for your business? Let us help you answer them.
  • A two-way SMS platform supports both inbound and outbound text messaging. Our two-way SMS solution lets you send texts and respond to customer inbound text messages directly from the Inbox.