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If you build it with Series, then they will come

Series is the only visual campaign builder that lets you send cohesive messages across tons of channels—inside your app and out.

Your new favorite campaign builder

Only Series connects all. These. Channels.

  • In-product messages

  • Email

  • Mobile push

  • Chatbots

  • Product Tours

  • Mobile Carousels

  • Banners

  • Surveys

  • SMS

Easy orchestration

Map out a cohesive customer journey of related messages just like you would on a whiteboard.

Exceptional targeting

Target customers specifically based on how they’ve engaged with your product and messages.

Essential reporting

See which paths users take within a series and the metrics related to their actions.

Campaign and retain across the lifecycle

Packed with powerful features
Packed with powerful features
  • Conversations

    Give your customers the option to chat with sales or support—live or automated—from any message.

  • Templates

    Build messaging series with intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics and out-of-the-box templates.

  • Fallback emails

    Automatically send customers emails when they’re offline so your in-app messages still get to them.

  • Waiting periods

    Set waiting periods for delivering your next message based on things like date or customer behavior.

  • Annotations

    Leave notes for yourself or teammates to collaborate in real time.

  • Split testing

    Test different messaging journeys to see what drives customer action.