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Customer Support at Intercom

At Intercom, we make it simple for customers and businesses to connect. As the Customer Support team at a company that’s revolutionizing customer support, we're looking for talented teammates. Sound like you? Join us.
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The Customer Support team at Intercom is guided by a set of principles that we all take to heart. They're not just nice words—they serve as a guide to keep our team on the same page, and a daily reminder of what it takes to do great work.
  • Be an owner

    We set the bar high for ourselves. We want our team to be the best of the best. That's why we handle every customer issue as if we were the owners of Intercom—because in a sense, we are.

  • Be resourceful

    We’re creative. If we see a roadblock, we’ll find a way around it. We’re constantly pushing to update our skills and understanding—sharing what we’ve learned and leveraging the know-how within our team.

  • Thrive under pressure

    We're calm under pressure. We’re here to provide solutions—whatever the situation, whatever the issue.

  • Give feedback fearlessly

    Positive or constructive, we give and receive feedback with an open mind and the will to improve.

  • Connect personally, with empathy

    We treat our customers like people, not tickets—with empathy, compassion, and even a little well-placed fun.

  • Be Willing

    We exercise willingness in all situations - with our customers when they are frustrated, ourselves when we are overwhelmed, or our teammates when we disagree. We remain open to whatever comes our way, and approach everything mindfully with kindness.

“Intercom aims to transform customer service with our AI-first solution, enhancing experiences for customers and service teams while delivering better business outcomes. Our Customer Support team uses new features first, setting the standard for exceptional service. Our key role is helping customers maximize Intercom, while having fun.”

Declan Ivory, VP, Customer Support

What our teammates are saying

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    “There’s a great balance at Intercom—the company and its people are ambitious and smart, but also very kind.”

    Ruth O’Brien
    Senior Director, Automated & Proactive Support
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    “It’s exciting for me to connect and resolve concerns with people from around the world—I love that I can contribute to their next big steps forward. And I get to be authentic, using my own engaging approach with both my teammates and customers daily.”

    Dave Burke
    Customer Support Engineer
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    “I love being a part of our small-but-mighty team in Australia. During my time, there’s been a huge amount of support from our friends in the UK, Ireland, and the USA, who are always looking out for us. We’re truly a global team!”

    Fads Tonde
    Premier Support Specialist
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    “The CS team is the face of Intercom's mission—making internet business personal. That's reflected in our values, workflows, and interactions with customers and each other. We work hard, have fun, foster balance, and bring our best selves every day.”

    Laura Jolly
    Lead Technical Customer Support Specialist
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    “I’ve worked on the Intercom CS team for five years and I still get excited about coming to work each day. I work with some of the smartest, kindest, most genuine people in the world and they inspire me to do my best work day after day.”

    Leanne Harte
    Senior Manager, Customer Support
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    At Intercom, the word ‘support’ means looking after our incredible customers, and it’s a pleasure to help them. It also means looking out for each other, like a family. That makes it incredibly rewarding and exciting to contribute here each and every day.

    Kevin Furlong
    Customer Support Systems Analyst
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