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Product Design at Intercom

At Intercom, we're all about connecting customers and businesses. As product designers, it's our job to make that experience simple and intuitive for all. It takes creative thinking, experience, and collaboration to make that work. Sound like fun? Join us!
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The Product Design team lives by a set of principles that we've all pretty much committed to memory. They're not just nice words, though—we use them every day to guide our decisions and remind us how to do our best work.
  • Use connected modular systems

    We favor modular systems over bespoke optimizations. We reuse, evolve, and merge before creating something new.

  • Be opinionated by default, and flexible under the hood

    We optimize our designs to feel simple and opinionated by default, but progressively reveal power and flexibility.

  • Follow fundamentals

    We favor established best practices and avoid overly complex, non-standard design patterns.

  • Make it feel personal

    Our designs reflect that we’re connecting real people, not entries in a database.

  • What you ship is what matters

    Our deliverable is not the design file. We take pride and ownership in what we ship.

  • We’re in that sweet spot between startup and tech giant. That means plenty of opportunities and ground-breaking work, backed up by the security of an established company.
  • We love design. Two of our co-founders were designers, so we’ve always understood just how completely and utterly indispensable design is.
  • Process is great, but sometimes it can get in the way. We think we’ve got just the right amount of process—enough to make things work, but not so much that time is wasted talking about process.
  • We solve real problems for real businesses by helping our customers connect to their customers. Our work is used by hundreds of millions of people across the planet.
  • We collaborate endlessly. With the team, with the engineers, with the PMs, with Sales—but also with the customers. You'll be part of strong, airtight feedback loops that directly impact the product.
  • “We’re looking for designers who want to own problems end-to-end, collaborate with teammates who deeply understand product, and ship work that has real impact on customers and the business. Intercom is a great place to learn and grow as a designer.”

    Emmet Connolly, VP of Product Design

    What our teammates are saying

  • Headshot of generic person

    “My priority in my career was about finding a place where I could learn and grow fast—Intercom is that place.”

    Tatiana Sivo
    Product Designer
  • Headshot of generic person

    “There is huge scope to learn and grow, no matter how experienced you are.”

    Marc Davies
    Senior Director, Product Design
  • Headshot of generic person

    “What still impresses me every day is that our people are thoughtful, deliberate, and principled when it comes to designing product.”

    Alex Potrivaev
    Group Design Manager
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