Zendesk Support vs. Intercom for Customer Support

Looking for an alternative to Zendesk?

You’ve come to the right place.
It’s time to start treating customers
like people, not tickets.

1. Experience

Delight your customers by being personal

Help your customers the way you would help your friends.
Give them answers, not tickets.

Turn frustrated customers into happy customers

Casual and engaging conversations let you steer the interaction to be positive and productive.

With Intercom, you get all the right context to solve real people’s problems. This is important if you want to treat your customers like people rather than tickets."

2. Intelligent

Be smarter about support

With detailed customer data you can set rules to automatically assign conversations to the right team or teammate.

See who you are talking to

Customer profiles, get straight to problem solving, and stay personal at scale.

See who you are talking to

Customer profiles let you get straight to problem solving and stay personal at scale.

Get to the solution faster

Use help content in support conversations with AI-powered suggestions to solve customer problems faster.

AI-Powered Smart Suggestions
Using machine learning, articles are intelligently recommended for you to share based on each conversation.
Search for articles to share
Typeahead search makes it quick to find the right article to share with a customer.
Show articles in your app
Let customers view and react to articles you share without leaving your app.
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3. Collaborative

Work as a team,
all in sync

See who’s handling what, in real-time, so you can work together and move faster.

Visitor profiles

See who you’re talking to and the page they’re currently viewing

Live updates

See every conversation and who’s handling what, in real-time

Notes & mentions

Collaborate behind the scenes inside conversations

A complete Zendesk alternative

Learn how to use Intercom Inbox and Articles in place of Zendesk’s Support and Help Center products in the Switching Guide.

Help Center
A beautiful knowledge base for customers to help themselves
Let customers get help inside your apps, by email, and via social
Team inbox
Respond to customers across all channels from a team inbox
Actionable Insights
Measure performance, spot trends, and know how to improve

4. Integrated

Don’t let customer support become another silo

Intercom is a single platform for every customer interaction. Do even more with our solutions for Onboarding & Retention and Customer Support.

Use Intercom for every customer communication

Chat with visitors on your website, send announcements, and support your customers — all in one place.

Convert leads to signups, and signups to active users

Send leads a series of emails to convert them to sign up. Once they do, onboard them, make announcements, and re-engage them with automated, targeted email and in-app messages.

Does Intercom integrate with any other products?
Yes! Intercom integrates with Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, Slack, and more.
Does Intercom have localization?
Yes! You can customize the Intercom Messenger to greet customers in your app in their local language.
How do I install Intercom
It only takes minutes to be up and running. Just insert a short snippet of JavaScript in your app and start forwarding support emails to Intercom.
How does your pricing work?
Intercom’s pricing is based on how many people you track. A person is typically a registered user of your web or mobile app that logs in.
Do you have
a mobile app?
Yes! Intercom’s apps for iOS and Android allow you to respond to customers on the go.

Here’s why Intercom for Customer Support is the best Zendesk alternative.

Better for your team

Team inbox


Intercom’s team inbox brings your whole team together in one place.



Seats, operators, admins, teammates—whatever you call them, Intercom won’t charge you for them.

Live profiles

Customer Profiles

Know who you’re talking to— their location, plan, activity, and more, all in real-time.



Intercom is a single platform for every customer interaction. Do even more with our solutions for Onboarding & Retention and Customer Support.

Better for your customers


Modern & Personal

Intercom lets customers ask for help just as they would from their friends.


Always Accessible

Customers can get help without leaving your app, by email, or via Facebook.



Customers can pick up conversations where they left off, or continue them over email.



Set expectations by letting customers know when you’re not able to respond immediately.