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Is your marketing letting your product down?

A thousand theories, practices, techniques and formulas exist for marketing your product. But which ones matter to startups? Which ones will help you sell your product in a non-spammy way? Let our new book, available in print, audio or digital download, show you how.
$10 plus shipping Includes free digital download
Available in ePub, mobi, and PDF All for free — but the printed book is nicer
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“Intercom has been dishing up incredible marketing advice for years. This book packages up a full meal deal of ideas, suggestions and lessons from across the entire spectrum of marketing, from messaging to monetization.”
Jay Simons
President, Atlassian
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What’s inside

Marketing at a startup is not for the faint of heart. Picking the wrong tactic can leave your product dead before you’ve even started. Our startup marketing book includes dozens of lessons that helped us grow from zero customers to more than 20,000, from crafting your early messaging, to getting word of mouth, to keeping product and marketing aligned. You’ll learn:
  • Actionable advice you can use right away, like a step-by-step-guide to launching your product.
  • Simple steps to get your first customers (no growth hacks, guaranteed).
  • How to choose the right tactics for your startup, from content and events to demand generation.

Interested? Here’s a sneak peek
of what's inside

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“You might have heard the famous startup cliche ‘If you build it, they will come’. But if you market it right, even more will come.”
Matt Hodges
Senior Director of Marketing, Intercom
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“A lot of startups spend untold time and resources cooking up a fancy marketing matrix when in fact you just need to have lots of real life conversations with like-minded people about their problems, and mutually explore how you can solve them.”
Des Traynor
Co-Founder, Intercom
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