Intercom on Onboarding

Onboarding isn't a metric, it's an outcome

Intercom on Onboarding

Onboarding isn't a metric, it's an outcome

Onboarding means ensuring as many users as possible become successful ones. This book outlines time-tested thinking that will help your company do exactly that.

Samuel Hulick
Founder, UserOnboard

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What’s inside

Getting new users to sign up is easy. Getting them to come back again and again is the hard part. That’s where onboarding comes in – it turns signups into happy, successful customers.

Intercom on Onboarding features nine chapters of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned onboarding tens of thousands of customers. Simple and straightforward advice on getting your customers to that “ah-ha!” moment, and making sure they never look back.

Onboarding is the one truly universal problem every piece of software has. It’s the only thing literally all your customers are going to do, and you’re guaranteed thousands of them will run into some kind of difficulty with it.
Des Traynor
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom

About the contributors

Des Traynor

Des is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom. His role covers many areas including product strategy, content marketing and customer support.

Nate Munger

Nate is a Senior Customer Advocate at Intercom. In a previous life, he spent 11 years delighting high school sophomores as a World History teacher.

Ruairí Galavan

Ruairí is Manager of Product Education at Intercom, helping customers get the most out of our products. Prior to that, he worked as a UX designer and researcher for over 6 years.

Mark Andrews

Mark is Director of Product Management at Intercom. Before that, he spent almost a decade at some of the world’s biggest product companies like Google and Airbnb.

Sean McBride

With a background in interface design and engineering, Sean is a Product Manager at Intercom, and owns onboarding for some of Intercom’s biggest products.

Stephen O’Brien

Stephen leads engineering across Intercom's growth teams, helping acquire, onboard and retain customers.

Brendan Irvine-Brocque

Brendan is an Engineer on Intercom’s growth team. He once made $8,000 in one day via Facebook ads promoting his yard sale.

Samuel Hulick

Samuel is the authority on user onboarding. You're probably familiar with him from his witty onboarding teardowns at