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Engineering at Intercom

As engineers at Intercom, we build tools that make it simple for customers and businesses to connect. But don’t get us wrong: it takes creative thinking, experience, and teamwork to make it this simple—plus super-talented people. Sound like you? Join us!
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The Engineering team lives by a set of principles. They're not just nice words—they guide us through day-to-day technical decision-making, give us insight into how past decisions have been made, and remind us what excelling as an engineer looks like.
  • Shape the solution

    We know the value of our work and we design solutions that deliver it efficiently.

  • Keep it simple

    The more complex, the longer it takes to move. Simple solutions are simply better.

  • Be technically conservative

    We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We just need the right wheel at the right time.

  • Work with positivity, pride, and love

    Engineering is a collaborative process. Great things are only built together.

  • Build in small steps

    Large changes are difficult—we deliver complex changes in small steps instead.

“I’m on a personal mission to curate a team and an environment I’d be excited to join—in any role, at any stage of my career. Shipping is our heartbeat, and engineers are the heart. We move fast, and engineers learn and grow at an accelerated pace.”

Darragh Curran, SVP, Engineering

What our teammates are saying

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    “You’ll have agency and autonomy as an engineer—you’ll be involved in tech design, you’ll talk to product people, and you’ll have full responsibility and ownership for what you build, not just a slice of it.”

    Paula Lopez Pozuelo
    Manager, Engineering
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    “At Intercom, you see the full lifecycle of the product. You get more of a seat at the table, and your voice is heard. You don’t just show up, write a line of code, and leave.”

    Suresh Subramaniam
    Senior Product Engineer
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    “It doesn't matter if you're a leader in our business or a new hire—everyone is heard when we make decisions.”

    Serena Fritsch
    Product Engineer
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    “I’ve found the space to grow, learn from others, and reach greater potential through leadership responsibility and leading projects. What’s not to love?”

    James Treanor
    Senior Product Engineer
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    “It’s not just that there’s lots of room to grow, it’s that there are a lot of people helping you advance.”

    Waheed El Miladi
    Senior Product Engineer
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    “The culture really strikes you from day one. Intercom treats people as humans, which creates an authentic atmosphere—and they work really hard to maintain this.”

    Kesha Mykhailov
    Senior Product Engineer
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