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Product Management at Intercom

At Intercom, product is at the heart of everything we do. In fact, we’ve built a business, a brand, and a reputation around it. If you’re a talented PM who’s as passionate about product as we are—and you want to join a world-class team—we want to meet you.
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The Product Management team at Intercom is guided by principles that we've all pretty much committed to memory. They're not just nice words—they’re a guide to keeping our team on the same page, and a daily reminder of what it takes to do great work.
  • 1. Start with the problem

    We work hard to get to the heart of the issue our customers are experiencing—then we persistently evolve a solution.

  • 2. Think big, start small, learn fast

    We think ambitiously, but understand that big things don't always start out that way. Starting small helps us ship sooner—and learn quickly whether or not we've solved the problem.

  • 3. Deliver outcomes

    Shipping is the beginning, not the end. We plan to iterate, fight for adoption, and keep pushing for customer and business impact.

Things you'll love about working here

  • We’re in that sweet spot between startup and tech giant. That means plenty of opportunity to actually make an impact at an established company that’s right at the top of its game.
  • We're a product-led company, and also a top employer for product people. You'll work with a razor-sharp team who'll help you learn—and challenge you to do your best work.
  • Our mission is to make internet business personal, and we take it to heart. Every day, we get to work on a product that’s helping hundreds of millions of customers connect more personally with the businesses they love.
  • Our Product Managers sit with our cross-disciplinary R&D teams of engineers and designers—shipping is a team effort here. And we all benefit from immediate and direct customer feedback, which helps us learn quickly and deliver value to customers, fast.
  • We put a lot of thought into our culture—it's a really big deal to us. As a company, we hire people who are confident but humble, self-aware, kind, and open-minded. It's important to us that everyone who works here is empowered to share their opinions.
  • “I joined Intercom as a PM when we had less than 30 employees. Now we’re over 700 with thousands of customers and millions of user interactions daily. We got here because of our focus on customer problems, our evolving PM craft, and the culture we’ve built.”

    Colin Bentley, VP of Growth

    What our teammates are saying

  • Headshot of generic person

    “The discipline of building product is meant to be very scientific, but for me, there is also artistry and craftsmanship to it—it's the same for the software Intercom builds.”

    Patrick Andrews
    Senior Group Product Manager
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    “At other companies, much of the PM’s responsibilities lie in writing detailed specifications, user stories, and tickets. That really isn’t the case at Intercom, where details like this are ironed out much more collaboratively with the product engineers.”

    Alissa Tyrangiel
    Product Manager
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    “We’re at a unique stage where we're building features for bigger customers, and also staying true to the core customers (and features) that made us. It’s a worthwhile exercise in balance.”

    Nick Smith
    Product Manager
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    “The team culture is absolutely brilliant. We align and drive progress together—there’s a real desire to achieve success. We're ambitious and collaborative, but we never forget to have a little fun along the way.”

    Lena Leadbetter
    Senior Product Manager
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